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Kayak Reviews

Eddyline Fathom Review

  The Deets Material: Carbonlite 2000 (thermoformed plastic) Style: Touring/Sea Kayak Length: 16’6” Width: 22” Weight: 50 lbs Cockpit Size: 31.5 x 16.5 inches Max Capacity: 340lbs Hull Type: Hard “V” MSRP: $2,699   Manufacturer’s comments “The Fathom is a must for any paddler looking for a responsive, lively kayak that will not only please but delight you with … Continue reading »

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New Kayak Spotlight: Point 65n Mercury

The idea concept of a collapsible kayak has been around for a while with inflatable and folding kayaks dominating this space in the paddle-sphere. These collapsible kayaks are a nice option for folks who don’t have the space to store or a means to transport a full-length kayak. I’ve personally struggled with this very problem … Continue reading »

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Valley Gemini ST Review

 Overview: “At 37.5lbs (17kg) the first thing you’ll notice about the ST is how light and easy it is to handle. Whether carrying the kayak on your shoulder or loading it on your car, it takes the chore out of getting to the water. On the water it handles like a longer kayak; moderately rockered, … Continue reading »

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North Shore Aspect LV RM Review

  Deets Material: Single-layer rotomolded plastic Class: Transitional/Light touring Hull: Shallow-V Length: 14’3” Width: 23.5″ Weight: 48lbs Rudder/skeg: Retractable skeg MSRP: $1375   Manufacturer’s comments “All the performance and features of the regular sized Aspect only scaled down to suit the modestly framed paddler. The Aspect, is a real sports tourer and probably the only … Continue reading »

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The Best Kayaks for Kids

Finding the right kayak for your child can be a challenging endeavor. One option is to stick them in an adult-sized kayak. This may be ill-advised for smaller children as often times an adult-sized kayak is just too much boat to handle. Smaller children will find themselves “swimming” inside the overly-voluminous cockpit leading to an … Continue reading »

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Dagger Alchemy 14.0S Review

The Deets: Material: Single Layer Polyethylene Class: Light touring/transitional Length: 14’ Width: 23’’ Deck Height: 13” Weight: 51 lbs Cockpit Size: 35 x 18.5 inches Max Capacity: 275 lbs TruTrak Wire Skeg System MSRP: $1199   The Review: The Dagger Alchemy 14.0S is a playful, well outfitted, light touring kayak suited for the smaller paddler. … Continue reading »

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Dagger Alchemy 14.0L Review

                Deets                                   Class: Transition/Light Touring Material: Polyethylene plastic Length: 14′ Weight: 54 lbs Width: 24″ Max Capacity: 300 lbs. / 136 kg MSRP: $1199 USD       Manufacturer’s notes “Performance and versatility from lakes to … Continue reading »

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The Most Interesting New Sea Kayaks for 2013

I’ve spent the past few weeks scouring the various buyer’s guides in preparation for the Spring paddling season and the opportunity to demo some of the new-to-2013 touring kayaks. Here are eight new models that I will travel far and wide for the chance to try and why: Necky Elias: The lines of the new … Continue reading »

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New Kayak Spotlight: The Valley Gemini Twins

The upcoming paddling season will be full of great opportunities for kayak shoppers thanks to dozens of new sea kayak models slated to hit the showroom floor. I took some time over the winter to comb the blogs and buyers guides in an effort to identify the most exciting additions to the fleet.  This journey … Continue reading »

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Valley Anas Acuta Review

Overview: When people think of a “traditional” sea kayak, the Valley Anas Acuta is the boat that comes to mind. Its Greenland styling combined with extreme chines and tremendous rocker makes this kayak different from all the rest. The Anas Acuta was designed after an Inuit hunting kayak of East Greenland and was the industry’s … Continue reading »

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