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Other Adventures

Splish Splash Diaries Vol. 1

I’ve decided to launch a special photo album on the Facebook page that will highlight the more off beat moments in the lives of the team (at least the PG-rated segments!). There’s no hiding the fact that kayaking instructors have a ton of fun at work. Couple that with a slow, hot day … Continue reading »

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Kayak Dave’s Snowpocalypse 2013 Experience

Some of our regular readers may have noticed that things have been rather quiet at for the past week or so. The reason for this is because Alex and I both reside at the epicenter of the recent “Snowpocalypse” that hit New England… Our home town of Plymouth, MA was walloped with high winds, … Continue reading »

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Birthday Paddle on Billington Sea!

“Indian Summer” hit New England just in time this year to provide me with a proper 27th birthday paddle! A solid sheet of ice had covered Billington Sea for the past few weeks but a thick morning fog announced that its breakup was just around the corner. Sure enough, by the afternoon the quagmire ice … Continue reading »

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Epic snow-assisted seal launches (VIDEO)

The winter snow may bum many cabin dwellers out. Snowed in, cold, and left with nothing but a slippy walkway and a long day of shoveling out ahead. At we look at snow storms as just another opportunity to hit the water in a creative and unorthodox way. Check out our very own Captain Hank take … Continue reading »

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Five Predictions for Paddle Sport in 2013

Happy belated New Year to everyone in the paddle-o-sphere! The 2012 paddling season provided some amazing moments and countless good times on the water. I think that we can expect the 2013 paddling season to be just as exciting! Here are some of my predictions: A kayaker will attempt to cross the Pacific Ocean: (Cough, … Continue reading »

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Another Take on a “Wilderness Classroom”…

You don’t have to kayak, canoe, and dog sled around North America to experience a wilderness classroom… My girlfriend, Meaghan, sent me this picture of her classroom where she teaches  K-2nd grade special-needs students. The kids spend part of their day engaged in a “center” known as dramatic play in which they engage in roles … Continue reading »

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Boreal Alvik’s Counterpoint on “An Act Relative to Kayak Safety”

Between 1971 and 1979, the long running television program “60Minutes” had a segment that appeared towards the end of each episode that was entitled “Point/Counterpoint” in which two somewhat contentious dyed in the wool Conservative and Liberal commentators would take opposite sides of the same issue ranging from Vietnam, to the proper way to celebrate … Continue reading »

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Check out this super-rare lobster…

Normally, is a lobster-free zone (those of you who are close to me can probably understand why that may be) but I’ve decided to make an exception for this particular crustacean because it’s so cool looking and rare! Yes, this lobster is real and no, someone didn’t paint it to look like that! It … Continue reading »

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Paddling the Alaskan Panhandle

A guide to staying safe and having fun in a kayaking paradise. Introduction Alaska, “The Last Frontier”, is a paddling paradise.  At approximately 1/5th the size of the entire continental US, it is by far the largest State (not everything is bigger in Texas folks) and contains a coastline of nearly 47,000 miles (Source).  This … Continue reading »

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The Slocum Challenge Chapter #3

Chapter 3:  “To Plop or not to Plop…that is the question” The 7th Annual Slocum Regatta Challenge was held on Saturday October 6, 2012. The sunny morning became an increasingly windy day as it progressed towards its noontime finish. After expending a great deal of energy in my late morning race, my cohort of paddlers … Continue reading »

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