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Two Kayakers Encounter Pod of Right Whales (VIDEO)

Check out this amazing video of two kayakers who approach a pod of Right whales off the coast of Argentina. This incredible experience is all caught on film from a point of view perspective. From [personal experience, I would never advise getting “up and close” with any species of whale in their natural environment. If … Continue reading »

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Bajau Laut Girl Bails Out Canoe with Feet – Amazing!

Check out this awesome video of a little girl in Malaysia who bails out a canoe with just her feet, leg strength, and whole lot of balance. This is awesome!  

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Don’t Miss the “Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse – April 15, 2014

Whether you are a night owl or an early riser, or just one who loves to catch a glimpse of astronomical rarities, be sure to catch an amazing spectical in the early hours of April 15th 2014. This will be the first of four “blood moons” which will grace the night skies on April 15, … Continue reading »

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April Fools Day: Broken Kayak Prank

In the mood for a good laugh this April Fools day? Check out this hilarious “hidden camera” broken kayak prank played on unsuspecting kayak renters. Can you say, Smile…?! Happy April Fools Day, The Kayak Guys

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Halloween Feature! Giant Pumpkin Regatta

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the term “pumpkin kayak?” Well… If you have never been to the annual West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta in Tualatin, Oregon than we can be certain that you have never actually SEEN or heard of a pumpkin kayak. 10 years and running, the … Continue reading »

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Urban Kayaking- Winter Edition! (Video)

Check out this kayaker ravage the icy winter streets of Tallinn, Estonia in a Zegul composite sea kayak. Zegul, a Tahe Marine brand, aimed to test the ruggedness and durability of  their composite layups. Would you take your kayak on a trip through the streets? Let us know what you think.  

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P&H Introduces Kayak Sail

“Fall Sales” Ahead! P&H is currently in the process of finalizing its negotiations with Australian kayak sail manufacturer Flat Earth for a joint-venture launch of a new kayak sail. Although the sail designed for use with P&H sea kayaks is still in the prototype stages, P&H expects to have production models available to the market … Continue reading »

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Eating a sustainable diet on a kayaking trip

One of the most challenging parts about planning a multi-day kayaking trip is how you plan your meals. Maintaining a balanced and an energizing food plan is essential to keeping you sustained on the water. In addition to the challenges of planning appropriate times to eat, long-distance paddlers often face the challenge of where they are going … Continue reading »

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Additional thoughts of best Small SUV for kayaking

  Subaru Forester My choice for “Small SUV” is based on reliability, AWD, ground clearance and the ability to accommodate a wide bar spread for those of us who are sea kayakers. Over the past 25 years, my wife and I have had 7 Subarus. I have had a 2005 Forester and currently drive a … Continue reading »

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Best Cars & SUVs for Kayak Lovers

There is a select breed of individuals driving on the road today who would purchase a car or SUV second to a kayak, many of which, I would imagine, are readers of this blog. These adventure bound people are looking for cars with many key features including cargo space, roof top capability, roof height, ground … Continue reading »

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