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Tilman the Surfing Bulldog

Boreal Alvik sent me a link to this video and I couldn’t resist sharing! This reminds me of the day that Morton, the shop dog at Billington Sea Kayak, decided that he wanted to try his paws at paddle boarding last summer. Enjoy! -Kayak Dave  

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Kayaks Made in the USA

Working at a local kayak shop it is not uncommon for customers to ask where specific kayaks are made. During a time of increasing patriotism and pride in American made products, more and more consumers are seeking products made right here in the homeland. Here is a comprehensive list of kayaks made in the United … Continue reading »

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Kayak Insurance: Can you insure a kayak?

Intro: Protecting your kayak against personal property loss This series is designed to give an informational insight on some of the most commonly asked questions involving insurance and kayaking. Can you insure a kayak? Do you need separate insurance policy to cover gear? What if your kayak is stolen, will you be covered? These are just … Continue reading »

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Is it a public or private beach?

Beach access and the use of coastal land are an area of wide discussion throughout kayaking, hiking, and outdoor communities. Frequent sea kayakers, at some point, have faced the familiar scenario of paddling ashore to an unfamiliar beach for a rest and questioned their rights to beach access. Where does the beach begin? Is it … Continue reading »

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The $2 Waterproof Hard Case

Have you ever sought out an inexpensive alternative to a hard travel case? Dishing out $20 to $30 for an Otterbox or Pelican case can put a damper on your wallet especially if you only have plans to use it a couple times. I have recently discovered an inexpensive alternative to purchasing an Otterbox or … Continue reading »

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Yakima Releases Sleek & Sexy “Whispbar” J-Cradle

Tailored toward the BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi drivers of the kayaking world. Washington based roof-rack manufacturer, Yakima, recently unveiled their newest product. The Whispbar is an aerodynamic and fuel efficient line of roof racks designed to take the “utilitarian” out of cargo loading.

The newest addition to the Whispbar family of products are Yakima’s sleek and sexy J-Cradles. Watch the video as Joel Grabenstein talks about the premium new product.

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What is Wilderness Systems “Aspiring” to do? A prediction of the Aspire 105

For the review of the Wilderness Systems Aspire 105, follow this link: Wilderness Aspire 105 Review July 30, 2012 – Posted by Alex For the past several weeks Wilderness Systems have been shooting out various teasers on their social media flatforms Twitter (via handle @WildySystems) and Facebook about their future kayak release. Only relinquishing “sneak peaks” … Continue reading »

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MTI Adventurewear underDOG: Dog PFD Review

Just like humans, “man’s best friend” needs a little extra protection on the water. Although avid and highly capable swimmers, it doesn’t hurt to give your pet some buoyancy aid especially after a long day on the water. Formally, canine-designed life jackets on the market have been composed of bulky, firm foam pads which strap to the … Continue reading »

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Wilderness System’s Tsunami 125 Review

The Deets: Model: Wilderness System’s Tsunami 125 Material: Poly RM Length: 12′ 6″ Width: 26″ Weight: 51 lbs. Max Capacity: 300 lbs. Class: Light Touring/Transitional MSRP: $999 Alex’s Take: The Tsunami 125 provides a unique, efficient, and clean ride on the water and responds well to forward strokes and reverse strokes. At twelve and a … Continue reading »

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Wicked Cool Kayaking Bumpah Stickers

I was recently talking with a customer out in the kayak shop parking lot when I noticed that her bumper was peppered with the coolest kayaking stickers that I ever did see! Due to the fact that I’m a wicked-super-geek the Kayak Math sticker (pictured below) really caught my eye! I’m not sure exactly how … Continue reading »

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