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Virtual Instruction

Attention all SUPers…WEAR YOUR PFD!!!

Take a glance at a paddleboarding advertisement in a store, on a website, or in a magazine and this is what you’ll often see… Clearly, SUP is touted as the SEXY SUMMER SPORT. Who wouldn’t want to look like these models and do the cool things that they are doing?!?! The problem is that the … Continue reading »

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Ocean Conditions: What to Expect While Sea Kayaking

At some point in a sea kayaker’s ventures, he/she will encounter water and weather conditions that don’t exactly fit the definition of calm. This can occur either by accident, or the paddler deliberately chooses to paddle in those conditions. Regardless of how they are encountered, I would like to dissect three main conditions and how … Continue reading »

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TRUE or FALSE: Eating snow in a survival situation can save your life.

In a life-threatening survival situation the body requires basic physiological needs in order to stay alive. Proper hydration, calories, sleep, and an adequate core body temperature are all necessary functions that need to be met for sustained survival. Winter conditions can make survival situations even more challenging; from crippling cold to a scarcity of food. … Continue reading »

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How to Prevent Blisters When Kayaking

Kayakers, especially folks new to the sport, are very familiar with blisters. Hand blisters typically form on the inside of thumbs, upper palms, and on the padding of fingers. This guide will give a brief insight on your first line of defense against developing blisters on the water. Proper grip. Your first line of defense … Continue reading »

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Boreal Alvik’s Kayak Storage Solution

For the past twenty-plus years, I have stored my roto-molded and composite kayaks inside my garage. In coastal New England, the summers can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit and in the winters temperatures can easily fall overnight to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. I use 4” threaded screw-in “C-hooks” (aka. “screw hooks”) that I screw into pre-drilled holes … Continue reading »

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Top 5 Extra Essentials for Winter Paddling

Winter is one of my favorite times of the year for paddling-the air is crisp and clean and there is always free and ample parking!  But paddling in cold temperatures definitely raises the level of risk, and means that an extra level of preparation is required. Most paddlers would be familiar with the ‘5 Essentials … Continue reading »

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Do you need a life jacket for kayaking?

The following article will address and confirm some of the common myths about life jackets, and address the difference a life jacket can make between life and death. Season after season, whether purchasing or renting a kayak; we always interact with at least a dozen people who have an utter aversion to wearing a life … Continue reading »

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The best recreational kayaks for beginners

So… what’s a “recreational” kayak? This series is intended as a buyer’s guide and will explore the many markets of beginner kayaks, from recreational kayaks to sea kayaks, we will look at kayaks which are best fit for those just starting out. In this article, we will look at recreational kayaks—kayaks which are designed for … Continue reading »

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How to Outfit Yourself for Fall Paddling

Fall is one of my favorite times to get out paddling. Why, you ask?? This slideshow from some of my recent paddling adventures really says it all: Interested in enjoying these quiet waters and the brilliant autumn colors too? Here are a couple of things to add to your Fall paddling gear kit in order … Continue reading »

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World’s Fastest Kayak?? (Video)

Check out this viral paddling video of extreme kayaker Ben Marr hurtling down a drainage ditch in Lions Bay, British Columbia… The video claims that his top speed during the descent was nearly 35mph!!! I can’t imagine that many people have gone faster in a kayak other than during those brief moments of free-fall when … Continue reading »

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