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Virtual Instruction

Five Tips for SUP Touring

Touring on your SUP can be a unique and rewarding experience. It’s just so quick and easy to throw a board on the water, strap on some must-have gear, and shove off on an after-work adventure! One of my latest kicks involves taking a SUP down to the lake, bringing along a hammock and book, … Continue reading »

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Kayak Classifications Chart: Length to Width Ratio

If you have ever entered into a canoe, kayak, or other flatwater race you have most likely had to list your vessel per its waterline length to width ratio (often seen as L:W). Most flatwater racing organizations follow this universally recognized classification for kayaks: Single Kayaks Sea Kayak– L:W ratio less than 9.25:1 Fast Sea Kayak– … Continue reading »

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Kayaking: A low-impact high intensity exercise

The next ‘big thing’ in fitness Kayaking may not be the next Billy Blank’s Boot Camp or P90X, but there is no hiding the physical and mental benefits of kayaking. The sport of paddling challenges muscle groups not normally utilized during traditional exercise including the upper body, essential core muscles, and upper legs. With proper … Continue reading »

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The Amazing Paddle Float: Five Uses from Re-Entry to Comfort

It’s unfortunate that so many paddlers fail to appreciate the utility of the critical piece of safety gear. This includes many beginners who have never heard of a paddle float before and so-called “advanced” paddlers who feel as though their skills are beyond needing one. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the paddle float … Continue reading »

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Understanding Kayak Outfitting

With so many different makes and models of kayaks out there, it follows that there are just as many types of outfitting.  Outfitting is one of the key factors affecting the performance and usability of any kayak.  Properly fitted, outfitting allows the efficient transfer of energy from the paddler to the boat, via the paddle … Continue reading »

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The MacMillan Kayak

The MacMillan Kayak. Found in an unspecified Greenland location between 1908 and 1954 by Provincetown native Donald MacMillan, the “MacMillan Kayak” represents a quintessential piece of kayaking history. Built from only organic materials, the MacMillan kayak measures in at over 17 feet in length but barely surpasses a 19 inch beam. Although Admiral MacMillan made … Continue reading »

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Outfit your Kayak with Vessel ID Stickers!

Imagine if you found a kayak floating alone on the water with a paddle and PFD in the cockpit but no paddler in sight. There are a lot of reasons why this could happen: maybe someone is in the water, maybe they are stranded somewhere, or maybe the kayak decided to slip off of its … Continue reading »

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Lessons on Kayak Fishing

I finally had the opportunity to attend the Annual Kayak Fishing Clinic at Billington Sea Kayak this past weekend after 3 years of schedule conflicts. Charlie Fortier and Wayne Perry, two local kayak fishermen, put on an excellent clinic that covered everything from gear to kayak-fishing strategies. I’m embarrassed to admit that I went many … Continue reading »

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Tips for the kayak pre-season

It’s that time of the year again, and most of us (especially those who weathered the New England climate this winter) are happy to finally see the first signs of spring. Warm weather and more hours of sunlight only means it’s time to break out the paddling gear and kayak for the season. Here are … Continue reading »

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Tips and Tricks for Staying Warm in your Sleeping Bag

I’ll always remember my first winter camping trip to Black Pond in the White Mountains of New Hampshire as an enlightening experience! The hike in to Black Pond is only about 3 miles but the snow and ice made it a 1.5 hour trip; a little too long to retreat back to the car alone … Continue reading »

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